Download Free Service Repair Avanti Dishwasher Guide and Manual


Dishwashers use water circulation at a high temperature (55-65 degrees Celsius) and very strong detergents (most, too alkaline to expose them to the skin) to achieve this effect cleaning. The dishwasher is, therefore, a device that projects water on the dishes, either water with detergent at the beginning or the end to clarify pure. Many also have heating elements for drying utensils after washing.

The dishwasher is equipped with one or more removable trays placed in the dishes. Made of plastic or metal, are usually designed to introduce the greatest number of elements: the plates resting on vertical supports, the glasses on a tray, etc.. They also have a filter that holds the remains thicker and must be cleaned periodically. In newer models, this filter is replaced by a shredder, through which water passes, so they are removed the remains of food without having to clean a filter.

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