Stanley Kids Tumbler Review: Top Choice for Hydration?

Recently, we got our hands on the Stan the Bear Tumbler by STANLEY, a rugged choice for keeping kids hydrated. Its built-in straw and flip-top design make sipping easy and mess-free, something we found particularly handy during our little one’s outdoor adventures. STANLEY’s iconic insulation ensures that the drinks inside stay refreshingly cold, a feature that came in clutch during a recent sunny trip to the park.

We noticed several thoughtful details such as the rotating handle for easy carrying, an ergonomic shape for small hands, and the convenience of being dishwasher safe. Our experience aligns with the overall positive feedback, though we agree that the leakproof claim holds only when the straw is down—watch out if it’s up and the tumbler gets flipped!

The tumbler’s construction from recycled plastics is a nod towards sustainability, which is something we’re increasingly mindful of. Moreover, the eye-catching design featuring Stan the Bear didn’t just appeal to our kids but also sparked conversations about wildlife, demonstrating the tumbler’s subtle educational aspect.

Stan the Bear Tumbler

Bottom Line

Our time with the STANLEY Stan the Bear Tumbler suggests it’s a solid pick for parents looking to keep their kids well-hydrated with a durable and fun water bottle.

Its effective insulation, leak-proof (when closed) design, and ease of use make it a practical choice for everyday use.

Overview of the Stanley Classic IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler for Kids

Amidst daily adventures, we’ve found that the Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler quickly becomes a cherished companion for any child over eight. Typically, kids are drawn to the Stan the Bear design, which not only looks engaging but also promotes ample hydration. In our experience, the built-in straw that flips up offers convenient sipping without causing a mess, thanks to its leakproof design.

The double-wall vacuum insulation of this tumbler is impressive; it reliably keeps drinks cold for several hours, a feature we’ve found invaluable during school days and road trips. With a solid 20-ounce capacity, there’s plenty of room for a child’s water or juice needs.

What adds to the tumbler’s appeal is its durability. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it stands up to the rough and tumble of kid’s play without a hitch. Plus, the ease of cleaning—being dishwasher safe and devoid of intricate nooks—is something we greatly appreciate.

However, it’s worth noting that if the straw is left open, and the tumbler turned upside down, it may not be entirely leakproof – something to consider when it’s in the hands of younger children. The handle, while useful for carrying, also presents a bit of a love-hate scenario with its design.

Mostly, it’s the combination of child-friendly features with a commitment to sustainability—using recycled plastics—that we find compelling, knowing we’re supporting environmental efforts while providing our kids with a reliable, fun tumbler for staying hydrated.

Imaginative Design with Stan the Bear

When we first laid eyes on Stanley’s latest creation for kids, it was hard not to be charmed by the playful appeal of Stan the Bear. Our experience with this tumbler was a snapshot of convenience meeting fun. The cheerful bear design is more than just aesthetics; it encourages our kids to reach for their water – a win for keeping them hydrated.

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From the sturdy rotating handle to its easy-grip shape, it fits perfectly in small hands and tags along on any adventure. The flip straw is a standout feature, cleverly designed for quick sipping while preventing spills. The tumbler’s reliability is impressive, keeping drinks cold from breakfast to dinner, truly living up to its IceFlow name.

Catching the attention of the little ones is one thing, but adding Stanley’s time-honored durability gives us peace of mind. This isn’t a tumbler that gives in to the rough and tumble of kids’ lives; it’s built to last and easy to clean, which we appreciate. The sustainable angle, with its eco-friendlier materials, is a thoughtful touch, aligning with our values of reducing plastic waste.

Remarkable Insulation Keeps Drinks Cold

When we filled our tumbler with cold water, we noticed it stayed refreshingly cool for an impressive duration. On hot days out or during long hours of study, the IceFlow tumbler maintains its chill for up to seven hours—quite a feat for a kids’ tumbler. And if you add ice? Expect that frosty temperature to extend to a full 35 hours. This performance is thanks to the formidable double-wall vacuum insulation built into the design, ideal for those long road trips or sunny days at the park.

Our use revealed that the 20oz size strikes a perfect balance between being large enough to provide ample hydration and still fitting snugly in car cup holders and backpack side pockets. The efficient insulation doesn’t compromise usability or style—our little ones were charmed by the playful bear design and found the rotating handle super handy for carrying around. Despite a few inevitable drops and bumps, the stainless steel construction has proven resilient, much to our relief.

While nothing is perfect, our experience hints at a thoughtful design aimed at balancing practical insulation with kid-friendly features. The charm of taking that last sip of cool water after hours in the sun hasn’t gotten old yet, and neither has the tumbler’s ability to withstand what energetic kids put it through.

Leakproof and User-Friendly Flip Straw

In our experience with the Stanley flip straw tumbler, the leakproof feature is a highlight—especially with kids around. We’ve seen our fair share of spills and messes, but this tumbler’s straw flips up for a quick drink and secures tightly to prevent any leakage. We’ve tipped it over, shaken it, and even carried it in a packed bag, and we’re impressed with its ability to contain liquid without any drips or dribbles.

The flip straw isn’t just about preventing spills; it’s also incredibly user-friendly. We’ve noticed how children manage to pop up the straw with a simple motion, ready for hydration without the need for constant supervision. For us, this means fewer interruptions and for them, more independence. The ergonomic design supports smaller hands, and the rotating handle is great for on-the-go use, helping kids keep their drinks close without effort.

However, parents should note that while it holds its ground against most accidents, if the straw is left open and the tumbler is upended, there can be some leakage. It’s a small oversight in an otherwise reliable everyday companion. Overall, having a tumbler that combines functionality with some peace of mind is something we value.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance

We recently got our hands on the Stanley Classic IceFlow Tumbler, and it’s safe to say it withstands the regular antics of children aged 8 and up. Users have noted its high durability, even when it’s treated as a makeshift basketball. The stainless steel material contributes to its robustness and the ability to retain the look and function despite frequent drops and bumps.

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For busy parents, ease of cleaning is a major win. The IceFlow is dishwasher safe, which means maintenance is a breeze. When it comes to the peace of mind regarding longevity, the lifetime warranty adds an extra layer of reassurance.

While the tumbler holds up incredibly well in terms of keeping drinks cold and not leaking under normal conditions, some users have mentioned that it can leak if the straw is left open and the tumbler is inverted—which can happen if it lands in the hands of a curious toddler.

Overall, the combination of sturdy construction and ease of maintenance makes the IceFlow a reliable choice for kids who need a resilient drink container for school or sports activities.

Sustainable Choice with Recycled Materials

We’ve seen our share of eco-friendly products, but the Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler really stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The innovative use of recycled plastics, particularly discarded fishing nets, in its construction is commendable. These materials, which once threatened marine life, have been given a new lease on life in a useful product. On a personal note, we found the tumbler to feel durable and well-constructed despite its recycled content.

However, it’s not all about being eco-conscious with this tumbler. The brand has also taken care to ensure the product doesn’t compromise on performance. Holding this tumbler, it’s hard not to appreciate the sturdy feel and the seamless integration of recycled materials that do not detract from its utility or design. It’s an excellent reminder that sustainable choices can be made without sacrificing quality or functionality.

In essence, choosing this tumbler is a small but powerful step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s a product you can feel good about purchasing, not just for its green materials, but also for its ability to withstand the daily adventures of our kids, making it a staple in our conscientious households.

What Customers Are Saying

In our use of the Stanley Kids’ 20oz tumbler, we’ve noticed it stands up well to the rough handling by younger users. Many parents have commended the tumbler’s resilience, highlighting just how it manages to survive being tossed around without damage. It’s the kind of reliability that instills confidence.

Users have pointed out that the tumbler’s insulation performance keeps drinks cold for extended periods, a feature particularly appreciated for outdoor activities like soccer and cross country. The ease of cleaning and the non-leak properties when the straw is closed are also frequently mentioned virtues.

However, it’s not without its cons. Some of us noted that the tumbler might leak when the straw is open and turned upside down — a scenario that’s not uncommon with toddlers. Also, while the cap’s secure fit reassures parents, it can be a bit tough for kids to open, making it a double-edged sword.

We’ve also come across views on the handle’s design, with a few of us finding it slightly intrusive, though its durability isn’t questioned. Overall, our experience aligns with most of the feedback that this Stanley tumbler is a sturdy and dependable option for keeping kids’ drinks at the right temperature.

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Pros and Cons

When considering the Stanley Classic IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler for young ones, we found a lot to admire, alongside a few points that might make you pause. Here’s our take after a hands-on experience with this kiddo-friendly drinkware.


  • Durability: We’re impressed with its sturdy construction. From our observation, after several accidental drops and typical child’s play, the tumbler didn’t dent or show signs of wear.
  • Temperature Retention: The double-wall vacuum insulation works as advertised. In our tests, drinks stayed cold for hours, ensuring a refreshing sip every time.
  • Leak-Proof Design: The flip straw closes snugly, making it resistant to leaks and spills—a feature parents appreciate during travel or inside a school backpack.
  • Easy to Carry: The rotating handle is a welcome feature that fits comfortably in small hands, making transport a breeze.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Clean-up is a no-brainer. It’s dishwasher-friendly, which is a huge plus for any busy parent.
  • BPA-Free: Knowing it’s free from BPA gives peace of mind regarding the safety of the materials in contact with a child’s drink.


  • Leakage When Open: Although spill-resistant when closed, if the tumbler is turned upside down with the straw open, it can leak. Not ideal for very young children who tend to be more playful with their bottles.
  • Challenging Cap: Some kids may find the cap a bit tough to flip open without assistance. Parents might see this as a positive for leak prevention but can be a drawback for children seeking independence.
  • Intrusive Handle: We noticed when the handle swings across the tumbler, it might get in the way. This design choice may not suit all preferences, especially when trying to fit it into tighter cup holders.

Ultimately, with our firsthand use, these insights reflect a balance of genuine quality and minor inconvenience, characteristic of many children’s products on the market.


After spending considerable time with the Stanley IceFlow Tumbler, we’ve come to appreciate its robust construction and the peace of mind that comes with its lifetime warranty. It’s a reliable companion for our active kids who need hydration on the go. The double-wall vacuum insulation indeed keeps drinks cold for hours, a claim we’ve seen in action during sports practices. The bright colors also add a fun, personal touch, making it less likely to be lost or confused with others.

However, we’ve noticed that when the straw is open, and it’s tipped over, it can leak, which can be a nuisance, especially with younger children. It’s also worth noting that while the secure cap prevents spills, it can be a bit of a struggle for some kids to open.

Despite these points, it fits well in cupholders, and the sturdy handle eases portability. Our consensus is that this tumbler is a good buy for anyone in need of a durable, kid-friendly option for keeping drinks cold throughout the day.