Is The Nutribullet Dishwasher Safe?

Are you curious about whether or not the Nutribullet is safe to put in the dishwasher?

It’s a question that may have crossed your mind after a session of blending your favorite smoothie or whipping up a nutritious soup.

Can your trusty NutriBullet withstand high temperatures and rigorous dishwasher cleaning? Or do you need to handle it with kid gloves and wash it by hand?

Get ready to delve into the world of NutriBullet care and discover the best practices for maintaining its top-notch condition. We’ll tackle whether various parts of your NutriBullet can comfortably ride in your dishwasher. Stay tuned!

Short Summary

  • The Nutribullet is not typically dishwasher safe, especially the power base and blade assemblies.
  • Hand-washing these parts gently with warm, soapy water is best to prolong their usefulness and safety.
  • Some components, like the cups, may be dishwasher safe, but always check the user manual or product labels.

Is The Nutribullet Dishwasher Safe

is the nutribullet dishwasher safe

The NutriBullet is a popular choice for delicious smoothies, but is it dishwasher safe? Yes, most parts of the NutriBullet are safe to clean in the dishwasher. The NutriBullet blade, for example, can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher.

However, to avoid getting stuck on foods, it is advisable to rinse these parts under warm water immediately after use. Using a small brush can help dislodge stuck-on ingredients. You can also soak the blade in white vinegar and warm water for a deeper clean.

Nonetheless, always consult the user manual for specific cleaning instructions.

Can I put my NutriBullet in the dishwasher?

nutribullet blender

It’s important to note the motor base should never be placed in the dishwasher. Instead, use a soft cloth to clean it. This part of the NutriBullet regularly comes into contact with liquid and food particles, and using a dishwasher can cause damage.

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The towering cups and lids can be placed directly into the dishwasher. However, we strongly advise against using the sanitized cycle, as the heat could distort their shape.

Another helpful cleaning tip is about the NutriBullet blade. After a dishwasher cycle, don’t let the blade sit damp, as this can lead to rust. Instead, it’s best to air dry it promptly.

White vinegar can be useful if your NutriBullet isn’t performing as well as usual. Let it soak in vinegar, then wash and air dry.

Can the NutriBullet juicer go in the dishwasher?

nutribullet juicer

The answer to the question, ‘Can the NutriBullet juicer go in the dishwasher?’ is only partially. Some parts of the NutriBullet are dishwasher safe, while others are not.

We recommend rinsing the blades and other non-dishwasher-safe parts for a deeper clean with warm water. A small brush can help remove stuck-on food and thoroughly clean all parts.

It’s important to note that the NutriBullet power base should never be submerged in water. If it comes into contact with water, immediately shut off and unplug the device to prevent damage.

So, while you can clean your NutriBullet in the dishwasher, not all parts are safe. Always check the user manual to ensure you are cleaning your device properly.

Can you put the bottom of a NutriBullet in the dishwasher?

When it comes to the bottom part of the NutriBullet, it is not dishwasher safe. This part of the appliance contains the motor and should never be submerged in water. If water happens to come into contact with this area, immediately shut off and unplug the device to prevent a short circuit.

Instead of putting it in the dishwasher, clean the NutriBullet’s bottom with a damp sponge and dish soap. Just wipe it down and air dry it thoroughly before using it again.

To keep your NutriBullet in top shape, clean the NutriBullet regularly following these helpful cleaning tips.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a NutriBullet Blender

can nutribullet go in the dishwasher

While some parts of your NutriBullet are dishwasher safe, others require a more hands-on approach. For instance, the cups can go into the dishwasher, while the blades should be gently cleaned by hand. Always consult your user manual to determine which parts are dishwasher safe.

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A dish brush can be helpful for stubborn, stuck-on ingredients. Gently wash the blades and other non-dishwasher-safe parts using warm, soapy water.

It’s vital to rinse and dry these pieces thoroughly to prevent rust or other damage.

While the NutriBullet’s dishwasher-safe components make cleaning easier, manual cleaning may be necessary. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to ensure the longevity of your NutriBullet blender.

How do you clean NutriBullet cups?

nutribullet cups

The NutriBullet cups can be cleaned easily. Soak the cups in warm water for a few minutes before washing if there are stuck foods. It’s important to remember to hand wash the blade edges carefully to prevent damage.

Place the nutribullet cups on the top rack for a quick dishwasher cleaning and run a normal wash cycle.

How do you clean NutriBullet blades?

Cleaning the NutriBullet blades requires a bit of extra care. After each use, it’s vital to clean the blade immediately. This can be done by washing it in soapy water. A small brush can be quite handy when cleaning between the blades.

Material and Quality of NutriBullet

nutribullet dishwasher safety

The NutriBullet exhibits top-quality materials that stay in tip-top shape even after numerous uses.

However, it’s important to note not all parts are dishwasher safe. While the NutriBullet cups are safe in the dishwasher, the NutriBullet blade and base require more care.

For the NutriBullet blade, hand washing is the best approach. Use a damp sponge or soft brush to scrub any stuck-on foods gently. This method can prolong the life and sharpness of the blade significantly.

For the ultimate longevity of your NutriBullet, remember to hand wash the blade and immediately shut off the dishwasher after the cups’ washing cycle is done. This habit ensures your NutriBullet dishwasher safety while maintaining its quality.

Is NutriBullet glass or plastic?

The NutriBullet is primarily composed of high-impact plastic, not glass. This material provides durability and is lightweight to the appliance, making it easy to handle when preparing your delicious smoothie. The power base of the NutriBullet is not dishwasher safe. Hence you’ll need to clean your NutriBullet power base with a slightly damp cloth.

Further, the NutriBullet blade, made of stainless steel, requires hand washing. It can be cleaned using a dish brush, soap, and warm water. Additionally, a white vinegar and lemon juice solution works well for deep cleaning if you use your NutriBullet regularly.

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Final Thoughts


Many wonder, “Can I put my NutriBullet in the dishwasher?” The good news is certain parts of the NutriBullet are indeed safe for the dishwasher.

However, the NutriBullet juicer and the bottom of the NutriBullet should not be placed in the dishwasher.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining a NutriBullet blender, the tips are fairly simple.

It’s crucial to clean the NutriBullet cups and blades regularly. This can typically be done by hand washing.

As for the material of the NutriBullet, it’s not made of glass but of high-quality plastic. This is important to note when considering dishwasher safety and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nutribullet dishwasher safe?

Yes, most parts of the Nutribullet are dishwasher-safe. However, the power base which houses the motor should never be submerged in water or put in the dishwasher.

Which parts of the Nutribullet can go in the dishwasher?

Parts such as the cup and blades are dishwasher safe. They can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher for cleaning.

What should I do if my Nutribullet has a smell after washing?

If your Nutribullet has a smell after washing, it is advised to soak the parts in a mixture of warm water and baking soda before rinsing and drying.

Can I use bleach to clean my Nutribullet?

No, using bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your Nutribullet is not advised, as it may damage the plastic and rubber components.

How often should I clean my Nutribullet?

It is recommended to clean your Nutribullet immediately after use to prevent any food residue from hardening and becoming difficult to remove.

Can I dry my Nutribullet parts in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can dry your Nutribullet parts in the dishwasher. However, removing the parts immediately after the wash cycle is best to prevent any residual heat from warping the plastic.