Is Porcelain Dishwasher Safe?

Have you ever taken a closer look at your beautiful porcelain dinnerware and questioned, “Is it suitable for dishwasher cleaning?”

It’s a doubt that has probably crossed the minds of many proud owners of porcelain dishes. After all, preserving the beauty and elegance of these items is of utmost importance.

Fear not, as we embark on an expedition to answer this pressing question, exploring the world of porcelain, fine china, and other types of pottery. We’ll delve into their compatibility with dishwashers, find the best cleaning methods, and unravel the intricacies of their care and maintenance. So, sit tight, and let’s unravel the mystery of porcelain and dishwashers together!

Short Summary

  • Porcelain items are generally safe for dishwasher use, but there are exceptions to consider.
  • Factors such as the quality of the porcelain, the decoration detail, and the age of the item can impact its dishwasher safety.
  • Hand washing is often recommended for porcelain items to ensure longevity and aesthetics.
  • Regular inspection of your porcelain items is vital in spotting potential damage early, keeping them in the best possible condition.

Is Porcelain Dishwasher Safe

Porcelain pottery is generally safe for dishwasher use due to its inherent properties. These properties include low water absorption, which makes it suitable for most dishwashers and the washing cycle. However, certain precautions should be taken. To prevent damage, hand washing is recommended for pots and other large porcelain pieces. Use a dishwasher to ensure your porcelain is properly secured, and select the air dry function. While similar in appearance, stoneware pottery has different heat resistance and should be treated differently.

What Happens to Porcelain in the Dishwasher?

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Porcelain in a dishwasher can be subject to harsh environmental conditions. The process may cause wear on your porcelain dinnerware’s ‘foot ring.’ It’s advisable to hand wash your most treasured family heirlooms. Use warm water, a mild detergent, or gentle soap to avoid potential damage.

Everyday porcelain items might be fine on the top rack of a dishwasher. However, you should proceed with caution. Handmade pottery, for instance, may not withstand intense heat and water pressure.

To ensure your porcelain dishes are treated carefully, always check if they can be washed in a dishwasher safely.

Is White Porcelain Dishwasher Safe?

White porcelain, similar to other types of porcelain, can generally withstand the rigorous demands of dishwashers. The dishwashing cycle operates at higher temperatures which can potentially cause cracks in the porcelain, especially if the porcelain is not as durable as glass or high-quality pottery.

However, handmade pottery is often more susceptible to damage. The high temperatures and harsh dishwasher conditions can cause this pottery to crack. Therefore, such items should be washed gently using warm or hot water.

So, even though white porcelain is typically more durable, it’s safer always to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for dishwasher safety.

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Is Porcelain Dishwasher Proof?

The question, ‘Is porcelain dishwasher safe’ largely depends on the porcelain’s quality. Porcelain bowls, plates, and dishes can often be used in the Dishwasher without damage. However, a dishwasher might dull knife blades or other items made from soft metals.

While porcelain is typically more durable than glass, dishwashers can sometimes lead to dull finishes on your porcelain items. This is especially true with treasured family heirlooms or any other porcelain items of sentimental value.

Before you decide to use your porcelain in the Dishwasher, checking the manufacturer’s instructions for dishwasher safety is always a good idea.

The Intricacies of Fine China and Dishwashing

Porcelain, especially fine china, has its intricacies in dishwashing. The dishwasher’s high temperature and harsh detergents can damage the glaze on porcelain. Thus, a mild detergent is usually recommended.

Items like bone china have a higher risk of getting hairline cracks due to the heat. Other dishware, like pots with a thick glaze, may withstand the heat better.

Caution should be exercised with porcelain items adorned with gold or silver. The heat from the Dishwasher’s heating element can strip these precious metals away, damaging the design.

Ultimately, not all porcelain items are Dishwasher safe. It’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage.

What Happens to Bone China in the Dishwasher?


Bone china, often considered one of the most treasured family heirlooms, may not fare well in a dishwashing cycle. This type of porcelain can break easily compared to other dishware due to its delicate nature. Putting it in the Dishwasher exposes it to extreme heat and vigorous water action that may result in chipping or cracking.

Always look for the symbol underneath the dish indicating whether it’s Dishwasher safe. However, even if it’s marked as safe, some may opt to hand wash these items to preserve their integrity. Food remnants should be removed carefully to prevent scratching.

Can I Put My Gold Rimmed China in the Dishwasher?

Gold-rimmed china, like handmade mugs with hand-painted designs, has unique and delicate attributes. The typical qualities of these porcelain dishes involve a low porosity clay, which may be sensitive to a dishwashing cycle, especially the heated drying cycle.

Despite their beauty, gold-rimmed pieces can lose their luster despite their beauty if put in the Dishwasher. The harsh environment can cause the gold to dull or even peel away.

Given these factors and the possible sentimental value of such items (think family heirloom), washing these items by hand is generally recommended to maintain their pristine condition.

Can You Put Vintage Bone China in the Dishwasher?

Traditional vintage bone china, a type of porcelain dinnerware, is often considered a cherished possession, even a treasured family heirloom. Its delicate makeup can be sensitive to the rigors of a dishwasher, particularly the heated drying cycle which can cause cracking or damage to the ornate designs.

Identifying whether your bone china is Dishwasher safe can be as simple as looking for a symbol underneath the piece. However, even if noted as Dishwasher friendly, it’s smart to err on the side of caution with these valuable items.

Regular ceramic, glass, and stoneware pottery, while sharing some typical qualities with bone china, tend to be more robust and Dishwasher safe.

Porcelain and Other Types of Pottery: A Comparison

Porcelain is often compared to other types of pottery, such as stoneware and ceramic. While all these materials have unique characteristics, porcelain dinnerware stands out for its delicate yet sturdy nature.

Unlike other dishware that may break easily, porcelain demonstrates resilience under normal use. However, it can be sensitive to sudden temperature changes experienced in most dishwashers, especially during the heated drying phase of the wash cycle.

While porcelain can be used in the Dishwasher, it’s always safer to hand wash these items. This extra precaution helps protect your porcelain dishes from possible damage during the dishwasher cycle. Remember, hand washing is the best option if the item is particularly valuable or cherished.

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Are Porcelain Dishes, Dishwashers, and Microwave Safe?

Porcelain dishes are typically durable and can withstand hot water. This makes them potentially Dishwasher safe. However, the severe temperature changes inside a dishwasher may pose a risk to your porcelain pottery. Remember that the safety of your family heirloom or handmade mugs should be considered.

Also, remember that silver cutlery can dull knife blades if it comes into contact with porcelain in the Dishwasher. To ensure the longevity of your porcelain items, it might be advisable to wash them in warm water by hand.

Stoneware Pottery: Is it Dishwasher Safe?

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Stoneware pottery, unlike porcelain, has inherent properties that make it withstand higher temperatures. Even with this, stoneware does have a risk of brisking your Dishwasher due to the heating element.

Features like decorative details on stoneware could become dull in a dishwasher. For this reason, it may be safer to have these pieces hand-washed.

Nevertheless, placing items on the top rack can help protect them if you choose to use a dishwasher. Be careful with pieces with a foot ring, as they might not sit securely.

Approach to Cleaning Porcelain Enamel

Porcelain pottery, marked by low water absorption, can safely go into a dishwasher. Despite this, it’s key to be cautious with pieces exhibiting hand-painted designs, as the washing cycle could cause them to dull.

Use a mild detergent in the Dishwasher, which is gentler on the porcelain surface. This helps maintain the luster of your porcelain dishware and prevents it from getting dull.

Try to place porcelain items away from other dishware to avoid chipping and cracking during the washing cycle. Afterward, letting them air dry is best instead of using the heated dry setting. If needed, you can wipe them down with warm water.

Can You Put Porcelain Enamel in the Dishwasher?

While most dishwashers are safe for porcelain enamel, it’s important to consider the high temperatures during the washing cycle. High-density porcelain enamel can withstand this heat, but certain factors could lead to damage.

One potential issue is hairline cracks. Even the smallest crack can become problematic when exposed to the heating element of a dishwasher.

Another consideration is handmade pottery or stoneware pottery. These dishes are often more susceptible to damage in the Dishwasher due to their unique compositions and designs.

Alternative Methods to Dishwashing: Hand Wash

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Porcelain dinnerware may benefit from hand washing, especially those with hand-painted designs or gold accents. This alternative method to dishwashing considers the inherent properties of the clay used to create the dish.

Hand washing with warm water is gentler on the porcelain and can help protect intricate designs. Unlike the intense heat of a dishwasher’s wash cycle, warm water won’t potentially warp or damage your porcelain.

Keep in mind, though, that while hand washing is a safe alternative, using too hot water can also be harmful. It’s about finding a balance to maintain your porcelain’s beauty and longevity.

The Use of Glazed Porcelain and Dishwashers

Glazed porcelain items like bowls and pots, made from ceramic material, can generally withstand dishwashing cycles. The glaze provides a protective layer that can handle the high temperatures inside the Dishwasher.

However, caution should be exercised with pieces that have decorative details or gold accents. These elements may not fare as well under higher temperatures and intense water pressure, potentially leading to fading or damage.

Additionally, porcelain items with hand-painted designs could become dull from regular dishwashing. The sharp edges of a dishwasher’s components, similar to dull knife blades, can scrape against the delicate designs causing wear over time.

Can you put Glazed Porcelain in Dishwasher?

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Porcelain dishes, especially glazed ones, can be used in the Dishwasher. This is due to the durable nature of the ceramic material and glaze. However, it’s important to note that the dishwasher detergent and hot water used in dishwashers can cause some porcelain dishes, particularly those with intricate hand-painted designs, to look dull over time.

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Porcelain, often called china, can break easily if not handled carefully. Therefore, it’s advised to place them in the Dishwasher in a way that they do not knock against other dishes during the wash cycle.

Ensuring Dishwasher Safety for Your Dishes


When using porcelain in your Dishwasher, remember that not all porcelain is created equal. Items with a decorative gold trim or intricate hand-painted designs should be hand washed. The harsh conditions of a dishwasher can cause the gold to fade and hand-painted designs to peel away.

A mild detergent and gentle soap can help maintain the glaze and keep your porcelain looking new. A too-strong detergent can cause hairline cracks in the glaze over time, making the porcelain susceptible to chipping and cracking.

While glass and porcelain might feel similar, glass can generally be used in the Dishwasher without issues. Dishwasher safety for your dishes means knowing when to opt for hand washing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How Do I Know if My China is Dishwasher Safe?

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The safety of your china in the Dishwasher largely depends on the ceramic material it is made from. Some pieces are safe to use in the Dishwasher, while more delicate ones should be hand washed. A good rule of thumb is to place items on the top rack as it exposes them to lower temperatures.

Withstanding high temperatures is a key factor for dishwasher safety. However, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Hand washing is recommended for pieces with intricate details or sentimental value. Remember, food residue can also affect the durability of your china in the Dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

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Porcelain products are generally Dishwasher safe, but the safety largely depends on the type of porcelain and its design elements. White porcelain is usually dishwasher-proof. However, porcelain with metallic trims or intricate hand-painted designs can get damaged in the Dishwasher. Similarly, fine China, including bone china, especially those with gold rims or vintage pieces, should be hand washed to maintain quality. Glazed porcelain can also be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. Ultimately, to ensure the safety of your dishes, it’s crucial to check whether they are labelled as Dishwasher safe or not. Porcelain enamel and stoneware pottery might require special care. When in doubt, hand washing is a safer option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is porcelain dishwasher safe?

In general, porcelain dishes are safe for the Dishwasher. However, pieces with metallic trim or hand-painted details shouldn’t be in the Dishwasher. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I put my porcelain in the Dishwasher if it has a metal trim?

No, porcelain with metal trim should not be placed in the Dishwasher. The high heat and harsh detergents can damage the metal and cause it to peel off.

What about hand-painted porcelain?

Hand-painted porcelain should be carefully hand washed. Dishwasher detergents can fade the paint over time.

Are there any benefits to washing porcelain by hand?

Yes, hand washing can help preserve your porcelain dishes’ integrity. It’s a more gentle process that can extend the lifespan of your dishes.

What can happen if I put porcelain that’s not Dishwasher safe in the Dishwasher?

Putting porcelain that’s not Dishwasher safe in the Dishwasher can lead to cracking, fading of colors, and damage to the trim.

Are there any dishwasher-safe porcelain dishes?

Yes, there are dishwasher-safe porcelain dishes available. They’re typically labeled as Dishwasher safe. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before washing.