Download Free Service Repair Dishlex Dishwasher Guide and Manual


Washing performance: A (most efficient) to G (less) measures, following a wash cycle with the referral program, the presence of the absence of white spots.
Drying: From A (most efficient) to G (less) measures the ability of the drying load vajillas.Media: Provides the ability to wash in the basket either higher or lower. In this way, you can put on the belt and larger utensils that fit into the top basket. Always wash the advantage of half load, saving water and energy.Regeneration email: Cleaning process of softening. The result: savings of up to 30% salt and 3 liters of water per wash.
Less finish: The surface of stainless steel foil has been treated with a special anti-fingerprint coating that allows them to keep at all times elegant and at ease of cleaning.

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